Have you done the tried and true Dine to Donates and received very little return for your cause? As means to support the community we love and add a little more magic to The Magic City, the Tauros offer an amazing (and equal level of commitment) fundraising opportunity that we in our office have nicknamed as our Dine to Donate Model, ie Play and Get Paid.

How does it work?

  1. You check out our game schedule HERE and see what game or games work for your timeline/organization.
  2. You call us and say “Hey, can we do a fundraiser with you?” (You can also email our Community Relations Director, HERE.)
  3. We say: “Yes! We love fundraisers!We charge $2 a ticket and you get to decide how much your fundraiser’s Tauro ticket cost is. You get to keep the difference between our cost $2 per ticket and the price you decide to set. The $2 ticket rate will be taken out of your final check. We will provide you with number of tickets sold under your group.
  4. We create an unique promo code to be used on our ticketing system for your fundraiser and give you that code.
  5. You market your code, your fundraiser, and the agreed upon game to your supporters, friends, family, whomever. We will give you copies of our logo and an unique QR code linking to the promo code. We may even give you a ready-to-go template with your logo if you say “please”. 
  6. Your supporters purchase tickets on our online system HERE. Tickets cannot be purchased at the box office. They must be purchased in advance of the game and will not be sold at the door by our box office staff.
  7. You and your supporters come to the game and have a great time or consider volunteering as game security to increase your organization’s visibility. We love volunteers, too!
  8. You get a check to your organization or whatever cause you are supporting and say “Wow, that was easy! Let’s do it again!” (We will even make it out directly to a matching campaign if that maximizes your return with us.)

**Additional add-ons include game night sponsorship, MACF Parties, BLUELINE Room catering for additional cost and are subject to availability.**

THESE ADD-ONS ARE AN AMAZING WAY to thank your supporters/volunteers/donors, or turn your small scale fundraiser into an FUNDRASING EVENT.

Options include, but are not limited to:

  • Adding a catered dinner or dessert from our list of restaurant sponsors (we have 10 N. Main!)
  • Drink tickets for the bars and concession stand (must be 21+ to consume alcoholic beverages)
  • Room rental of highly visible spaces for silent auctions and an engaged audience of 2k
    • (you are responsible for managing the auction, obtaining the items, and the room rental fees)
  • Intermission interviews about your cause
  • PSAs on the broadcast (must be recorded in advance)

Ask our Community Relations Director for more information about these additional options and make your lowkey fundraiser an even bigger SUCCESS!