Milligan last to sign up, earns spot

Jul 18, 2012

Cody Milligan didn't know what to expect. He was on his way to his home rink in Las Vegas, Nevada. Running a little behind, wondering if he was even going to be able to skate or if the tryout for the Minotauros hockey team was full. "I got there and talked to Coach (Marty Murray), and right away, I didn't think he was going to let me skate because the tryout was full."

Milligan, who probably wouldn't have shown were it not for the guidance of a former coach, was allowed to skate in the try-out. He did not dissappoint his former coach. Cody scored four goals and added three more assists during the tryout's All-Star game bolstering him among the try-outs top prospects. Cody's performance made the decision very easy for the Tauros coaching staff.

Milligan who played for Corpus Christi last year, was glad to have the experience of trying out in the NAHL on his side. "I was confident, having gone through the process before, I had a certain peace of mind going into it," Milligan said. Cody will be looking to fill any role possible to a team that finished last in the Central Division last season. "It's going to be a totally different team, It's a new year, all I can do is just try my best and let the rest take care of itself.'

As far as the move to North Dakota goes, Cody is unscathed. "I enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people, I'm from Vegas but I like smaller towns better, as weird as that sounds.' Milligan was also glad to see the Tauro's taking a chance by putting on a try-out camp in his hometown of Las Vegas. "I think Vegas really get's over looked, whenever I come home I'm always amazed at how many more kid's are playing (hockey) than the last time."

The Tauros are happy to have Cody as a member of their team, and hope their good fortune this offseason carries over into the regular season. Just don't call it fate, says Milligan, "I don't beleive in all that."