Maysa Ticket Policies

2016/2017 Tauros Ticket Policies

  • There will no longer be general admission tickets to Minotauros games.  All tickets will have an assigned seat location.  Fans who wish to select a specific seat will need to purchase season tickets or purchase individual game tickets either online at any time or at the Minotauros box office three (3) hours prior to the scheduled game time.


  • Fans who do not purchase season tickets or advanced individual game tickets will receive the best available seat(s) in the section of their choice at the box office on game days.


  • Children five years-old or younger remain free without a ticket, however they are not guaranteed a seat.  Families with children five years-old or younger are welcome to use open seats next to them to for their children.  Should a seat not be available free children will have to sit on the lap of a parent/guardian.  To ensure your child receives a seat you must purchase a children’s ticket. 


  • In the event that Tauros home games will have to be played on the East Rink, season ticket holders will keep their reserved seats from the 2015/16 season. 

Readmittance Policy

  • Children will not be allowed to leave the Pepsi Rink without an adult.  This includes going to the Eck or West Rinks. 


  • Smokers will be allowed to leave and re-enter through the doors to the Eck Rink mezzanine.  In order to re-enter fans leaving to smoke will need to have a hand stamp.