Sam in Sochi: August 22

Aug 22, 2019

Thursday August 22

Today brought another fun excursion. We visited the Sochi Skybridge. The bridge we walked over was over 200 meters high. (watch video of Team NAHL on the Skybridge) Now that was scary. We observed others bungee jumping and it looked like they hit the ground. After lunch We had our first ice practice in Sochi today. We looked really good. I think our jet lag is gone and we finally adjusted to the time change. The Olympic ice arena is cool. Looking into the stands from the ice I easily noticed the blue seats in the stands. I am hoping those are filled with fans for our first game on Saturday. After practice we headed back to the hotel for dinner which included salmon, chicken, and noodles. Always noodles. Since Sochi is the Russian resort town we decided to head to the water to check out the action. We put our bathing suits on, took a quick swim in the Black Sea and indulged in ice cream. Mint chocolate chip – that tasted good. Now – a good nights rest as we head into tomorrow for more team preparation to bring home the gold.

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