Sam in Sochi: August 25th

Aug 25, 2019

Tauros’ defenseman Sam Skinner is representing the Tauros, NAHL, and USA Hockey as a member of Team NAHL in the Sirius Junior World Cup in Russia. After some connectivity issues saw Skinner’s messages lost in cyberspace we’ve caught up with him and now hope to be back on track for him to send us a quick update each day to let us know what how he and the team are doing.

Click here for more info on Team NAHL, including schedule, roster, and info on the Sirius Junior World Cup.

We got up and had breakfast early in the morning then left for our third excursion to the Formula 1 Race Track where I found my dream car and learned that the fastest lap was done in 1 minute 31 seconds. We also got to see a Delorean which is the car that was used in the movie Back to the Future. After lunch, we headed to the rink, had practice then came back ate dinner and had a team stretch. Curfew was set at 8:30 to give us time to focus and prep for tomorrow’s game. It’s a big game because if we win we can still advance.

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