Sam in Sochi: August 27th

Tauros’ defenseman Sam Skinner is representing the Tauros, NAHL, and USA Hockey as a member of Team NAHL in the Sirius Junior World Cup in Russia. After some connectivity issues saw Skinner’s messages lost in cyberspace we’ve caught up with him and now hope to be back on track for him to send us a quick update each day to let us know what how he and the team are doing.

Click here for more info on Team NAHL, including schedule, roster, and info on the Sirius Junior World Cup.

Not a lot on the agenda today. Breakfast, lunch, practice, and the best dinner I have had since being here. We had a light practice today. We went over systems in preparation for our next game tomorrow. I withdrew some rubles out of the ATM – it looked like a 5000 dollar bill. I used a portion of this for the dinner I mentioned – pizza. Another restful night ahead for our game tomorrow. A win keeps us alive.