Statement Regarding Crack the Vault

Nov 27, 2017

Minot, ND – Over this past weekend we ran a “Crack the Vault” promotion through Interactive Promotions Group (IPG) which allowed every fan in attendance the opportunity for a free chance to win $10,000.  The game required fans to guess a six digit combination to see if it would open the digital vault.

Unfortunately, during the second intermission of Saturday’s game when we opened the envelope provided by IPG to reveal the winning combination the the combination provided contained only five digits.

We reached out to IPG immediately after the game, their offices were closed for the holiday weekend.  This morning after working with IPG we have received the following apology and clarification.

“Interactive Promotions Group would like to apologize for the error at the recent Minot Minotauros event when they were running our “Crack the Vault” promotion. The error was in no way a result of the Minotauros implementation. Our company accidentally sent them the wrong winning number and we are apologetic towards the Minotauros as well as their fans. The “Crack the Vault” game mechanism was programmed with a winning number of 960251 and that is the winning verification number that should have been sent to Minot Minotauros.”

The Minotauros also apologize for any confusion this caused on Saturday night.