Tauros 20 Questions: #31 Lucas Murray

As the season approaches we have been giving you a chance to meet the new Tauros as well as learn a little more about the returning players by asking them 20 questions.  We have been going in number order, yesterday we heard from Sam Fuss and today finish the series with #31 Lucas Murray. For links to all of the past Tauros 20 Questions look to the bottom of this page.

At just 6’0” tall and 160 lbs. Lucas Murray breaks the tradition of oversized Minotauros goalies.  He will however look to continue the Tauros tradition of strong play which has seen 4 goaltenders over the last three season go on to play NCAA DI hockey.  While he might not be as big as some of the previous Tauros keepers, he certainly is not small for the position and has already shown that his small frame holds just as much fight as the Tauros goalies of the past.  For the first time in three years the Tauros will not have a 20-year-old veteran in net to lean on, Murray and fellow 19-year-old Jon Flakne will ultimately determine who the Tauros starter is with their play. 

From the Coach’s Office: Lucas fought hard in main camp and earned the right to earn a roster spot in pre season. He is a tall, lanky goalie that moves well in the net. I like his compete level, and I believe he'll be a guy that will continue to get better as he gets some experience under his belt. – Head Coach Marty Murray

20 Questions

Do you have a nickname: Murray

Older/younger siblings: Younger brother, Jason

Favorite NHL team/player: Minnesota Wild/Pekka Rinne

Why (if you did) did you pick your number: I think I just have always like the number 31.

Pregame routine: Foam roll then stretching and juggling.

Ideal pregame meal: Subway

Any hockey superstitions: It's bad luck to say "shut out" before the game is over.

Best hockey memory: When we beat Grand Rapids my junior year of high school.

Personal goals for this season: Stop the pucks I'm suppose to stop and a few of the ones I'm not suppose to stop, resulting in Wins.

Favorite school subject: Math

Favorite vacation spot: Lake Vermilion, MN

Favorite zoo animal: Tiger

Favorite junk food: Sour Patch Kids (Watermelon)

Favorite musician: Dale Doback and Brennan Huff

What song would you sing for Karaoke: Afternoon Delight

Favorite cartoon as a kid: Scooby Doo

Hidden talent: Juggling

Who is your dream date: Jennifer Aniston

Who would play you in a movie: Adam Sandler

If you could go back in time when/where would you go: One week ago to know the numbers of the Powerball.