Tauros 20 Questions: Charlie Weiand

Minot, ND – As the 2016/17 NAHL season draws near we are giving Tauros fans a chance to meet all of the new members of the club as well as learn a little more about the returning Tauros.  We will play 20 questions with a different Tauro every day from now until the NAHL Showcase going in number order starting today with #2 Charlie Weiand.

Weiand is joining the Tauros after three seasons playing for Rosemount High School in Minnesota.  The 6’0” 183 lb. defenseman posted 6 goals and 19 assists over his 75 career high school games (three seasons).  The Tauros drafted the 18 year-old defenseman in the eighth round of this summer’s NAHL draft.  Weiand played with fellow Tauros 2016 draft pick Austin Dollimer at Rosemount High.

From the Coaches’ Office: Charles attended our pre draft camp and performed so well, that we selected him in our 2016 draft. He has a presence on the ice and is a big strong kid that can be valuable in both ends of the rink. He had a strong season last year at Rosemount HS, and we are excited to see how that translates to junior hockey. – Marty Murray

20 Questions

1 – Do you have a nickname: None

2 – Older/younger siblings: Two older brothers. Evan, 22 and Ben, 25

3 – Favorite NHL team/player: Pittsburgh Penguins. Sidney Crosby

4 – What inspired you to start playing hockey: My brothers

5 – Pregame routine: I always have a cup of coffee

6 – Ideal pregame meal: Chicken and rice

7 – Any hockey superstitions: none

8 – Best hockey memory: Playing in the Fargo tournament as a squirt

9 – Aside from people, what will you miss most from home: Getting free food from my friends who work at all the local food places.

10 – Do you believe in ghosts or aliens: No

11 – Favorite vacation spot: Mexico

12 – Least favorite word: Xylophone

13 – Favorite candy bar: Twix

14 – Favorite pizza topping: Pepperoni

15 – What song would you sing for Karaoke: Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

16 – Favorite cartoon as a kid: Spongebob

17 – Do you have a hidden talent: I can hold my breathe for a long time

18 – What’s your dream car: mercedes benz G wagon

19 – If you could have one superpower what would it be: Invisibility

20 – If you had to go on a reality show which one would you choose: Party Down South