Tauros 20 Questions: Grayson Gavin

Aug 31, 2016

Minot, ND – As the 2016/17 NAHL season draws near we are giving Tauros fans a chance to meet all of the new members of the club as well as learn a little more about the returning Tauros.  We will play 20 questions with a different Tauro every day from now until the NAHL Showcase going in number order, today we catch up with veteran forward #11 Grayson Gavin.

Gavin came on strong as the season progressed last year.  After posting just 1 goal and no assists in his first 12 games, he put up 5 goals and 10 assists over the next 31 games.  Gavin then posted a goal and an assist over the Tauros four playoff games to tie for second on the team in post-season points.  Gavin also brings size to the Tauros forward group at 6’2” 190 lbs.  Aside from his scoring Gavin produced one of the highlights of the season when he fought Solag Bakich of Bismarck and sent the Bobcat’s helmet flying with a punch (watch here).

From the Coaches’ Office: We expect big things from Grayson this winter.  I thought he really come along and understood what it takes to be a junior hockey player down the stretch.  He is big, skilled and can shoot the puck.  There were games where he was one of the best players on the ice last season.  With this being his second year in the league, we are looking for him to be a consistent threat and presence at all times. – Marty Murray

20 Questions

Do you have a nickname: Gav, Gavvo

Older/younger siblings: Older sister, Retta (21) younger sister, Ella (16) younger brother, Shae (11)

Favorite NHL team/player: Minnesota Wild/TJ Oshie

What inspired you to start playing hockey: Some of my friends when I was little played and I thought it was really cool and wanted to do it

Pregame routine: Go to pre game skate, go home make spaghetti, take a nap, go to the rink and get ready for the game

Ideal pregame meal: Spaghetti or some type of pasta

Any hockey superstitions: No

Best hockey memory: Playing in Finland

Aside from people, what will you miss most from home: My dog

Do you believe in ghosts or aliens: Only when I’m trying to fall asleep after watching a movie about them

Favorite vacation spot: Black Hills South Dakota

Least favorite word: “Scratched”

Favorite candy bar: 100 grand bar

Favorite pizza topping: Cheese

What song would you sing for Karaoke: Knocking on Heavens Door

Favorite cartoon as a kid: Spongebob

Do you have a hidden talent: Welding

What’s your dream car: ’72 Dodge Challenger

If you could have one superpower what would it be: Being able to fly

If you had to go on a reality show which one would you choose: Duck Dynasty