Tauros 20 Questions: Jack Murphy

Minot, ND – As the 2016/17 NAHL season draws near we are giving Tauros fans a chance to meet all of the new members of the club as well as learn a little more about the returning Tauros.  We will play 20 questions with a different Tauro every day from now until the NAHL Showcase going in number order, today we catch up with veteran forward #10 Jack Murphy.

Murphy posted 12 goals and 14 assists in 55 games as a rookie for the Tauros last season.  At 6’1” and 200 lbs. Murphy was also one of the Tauros most physical players.  Murphy’s 12 goals came on just 81 shots on goal for a shooting percentage of 14.8% which ranked third on the team.  Murphy played in all situations last season as well notching a power play goal and a shorthanded assist.

From the Coaches’ Office: Jack had a very nice season for us last season.  He had 12 goals for us and played in a number of different situations.  He is a big, strong kid that opposition defenders have a difficult time controlling when using his body and strength. His skating ability and shot allows him to potentially be a premier power forward in our league Jack is a player that is very important to our team, and we need him to be a consistent player for the entire season. – Marty Murray

20 Questions

Do you have a nickname: Murph, dad

Older/younger siblings: one younger brother- Curt (16)

Favorite NHL team/player: Minnesota Wild/ Jason Zucker

What inspired you to start playing hockey: Watching the Wild on tv

Pregame routine: Tape stick, stretch, and brush teeth

Ideal pregame meal: Chicken, sweet potato, and veggies

Any hockey superstitions: Left side equipment on first

Best hockey memory: Playing on tv in high school

Aside from people, what will you miss most from home: My dogs and my mom’s breakfasts

Do you believe in ghosts or aliens: I believe in spirits

Favorite vacation spot: Corsica, Italy

Least favorite word: any swear word

Favorite candy bar: Milky Way

Favorite pizza topping: Sausage

What song would you sing for Karaoke: Fly Over States by Jason Aldean

Favorite cartoon as a kid: SpongeBob Squarepants

Do you have a hidden talent: I can blow bubbles on my tongue

What’s your dream car: 2006 Silver Pionk van

If you could have one superpower what would it be: Psychokinesis

If you had to go on a reality show which one would you choose: The Bachelor or the Bachelorette