Tauros 20 Questions: Luke Davison

Minot, ND – As the 2016/17 NAHL season draws near we are giving Tauros fans a chance to meet all of the new members of the club as well as learn a little more about the returning Tauros.  We will play 20 questions with a different Tauro every day from now until the NAHL Showcase going in number order, today we catch up with veteran defenseman #26 Luke Davison.

Davison goes into his final year of junior looking to bounce back from a season ending injury.  Before going on injured reserve in late January Davison posted a goal and 6 assists through 37 games in his second season in Minot.  For his career Davison is +16 in 85 regular season games as a Tauro and +2 in 8 playoff games.

From the Coaches’ Office: Luke is coming off season ending surgery and has looked strong in camp thus far.  It’s natural to be a little tentative coming off surgery, but after getting past that stage, Luke looks comfortable back on the ice.  He has a lot of upside whether it be moving the puck or playing with some physicality.  The biggest thing for him with this being his third year of junior hockey, will be keeping it simple and letting the puck do the work.  I’m hopeful he can come back stronger than ever post surgery. – Marty Murray

20 Questions  

Do you have a nickname: Davy

Older/younger siblings: Anna, Ellen, Nick, Tim – all older

Favorite NHL team/player: Ottawa Senators/ Duncan Keith

What inspired you to start playing hockey: My dad built a rink in my backyard for my brothers and I.

Pregame routine: Nap, eat, get to rink and change into undergear, tape stick, stetch.

Ideal pregame meal: Shrimp Alfredo

Any hockey superstitions: everything on the left goes on first when getting dressed

Best hockey memory: Winning the WI high school state championship

Aside from people, what will you miss most from home: Being able to golf a couple times a week

Do you believe in ghosts or aliens: Ghosts

Favorite vacation spot: Minoqua Wisconsin

Least favorite word: Moist

Favorite candy bar: Tie between Snickers and Butterfingers

Favorite pizza topping: Pepperoni

What song would you sing for Karaoke: Juke Box Hero by Foreigner

Favorite cartoon as a kid: None, was always on the rink, no time for TV

Do you have a hidden talent: Karaoke

What’s your dream car: Ford Raptor

If you could have one superpower what would it be: Being able to read people’s minds

If you had to go on a reality show which one would you choose: The Bachelor