Tauros Ready for Camp

Minot, ND- There's nothing better than camping. The sounds of nature, the smell of the campfire, even the taste of that first s'more or fireroasted hot dog. Sometimes it's just nice to get away from people in a nice peaceful setting and escape all your worries.

Starting Friday, the Minot Minotauros hopefulls will be doing a different kind of camping. Only this kind does not allow you to escape your troubles. It presents more of them and o'brother they come fast. The camping will not be peacful, it is encouraged to be a battle. The sounds will be loud and painful, and the smells? Well, the smells speak for themselves. This is camping for a purpose, camping for a common goal. Camping to try and make a hockey team.

A word commonly used in the sports vernacular these days is "swag". Used to describe a player or teams confident demeanor. We all know what it means, it's hard to argue Michael Jordan didn't have swag, or the L.A. Kings weren't playing with a certain swag in this years Stanley Cup Playoffs. It's something you know you have or you know you don't, often imitated rarely duplicated. It is that swag that the Tauros are going to try keep building up throughout the course of this season, and it starts this weekend at the Main Camp.

Not a single spot is guaranteed. With 10 players from the last years team trying out, and 8 others trying out with atleast a year of NAHL experience under their belt. The change could come sooner rather than later. The Tauros 30 man roster will be posted on Monday after the camp and then narrowed down to a 25 man after the NAHL Showcase in Blaine, Mn. The camp is open to the public and kicks off at the Maysa Arena Friday morning at 10 A.M. and concludes with the All-Star game Sunday. Official times and details posted Wednseday.