Tauros Tenders

Hector Majul

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico            Birth Year: 1994            Height: 5'8"            Weight: 175lbs            Shoots: Right            Nickname: None

Favorite Subject in School: Math

Hidden Talent: Soccer

Favorite Type of Music: House

Favorite Hockey Player: Alex Ovechkin

Favorite Hockey Memory: Winning the State Championship

Summer Hobbie: Going to the pool


PHL Phoenix Firebirds

2010-2011: 19-GP 13-G 7-A 20-P

2011-2012: 33-GP 16-G 9-A 25-P

2012-2013: 40-GP 25-G 16-A 41-P Firebirds Assistant Captain

Talent Analysis

Ever since moving to North America from Mexico, Majul has seemed to earn his respect on the ice by simply loving the game of hockey. A hockey player first, talented soccer player second, Majul likes to play the game with speed and keep his feet moving. By displaying significant leadership qualities and focus on past teams, Hector plays the game with high aspirations and an uncanny ability to put up points. Majul is a motivated scorer whose favorite part of the game is scoring goals.


It is tough to describe this future Tauro without using the word maturity. A described "well educated, well organized player" Majul will prove to be responsible in both ends of the rink. With a hankering for scoring goals, it is this player's defense that will turn heads, help the Tauros win and eventually open up offense for himself/teammates. A well traveled, level headed player, Majul will be a solid leader for the Tauros and a possible candidate for a captaincy spot.

By: tlarson@minotauroshockey.com