Entering his third season as a Minotauros honorary Captain Grantley Johnson has been at the helm for the most successful moments of Minotauros hockey.  Two years ago, the Tauros became #TeamGrantley as they went on their magical run to the 2018 National Championship Game inspired by Grantley’s fight against Leukemia.  The team stopped to visit him each time they passed through Fargo on the way to games in Minnesota.  Though the Tauros eventually lost that game Grantley continued to support his Tauros.  When Grantley made an appearance at the Pepsi Rink the next season cancer free there was not a dry eye in the locker room as the young captain and associate head coach announced the starting line-up.

The Tauros have remained #TeamGrantly ever since, with each new player getting an orange “Super G” shirt and many players using orange grip tape on their sticks, each a nod to the two-way street of support between players and their captain.

When Grantley’s cancer returned recently the Tauros community was shaken but former players were quick to hear their captains call with several sending well wishes along.  Tauros Head Coach and G.M. Marty Murray has made the trip down to Fargo as well to talk to his captain about the upcoming season, and to lose a few video games as well.  Stickers with Grantley’s “Super G” logo will be on every player helmet this season as the Tauros continue to draw inspiration from Grantley’s strength.

Aside from hockey the Tauros’ Captain likes wrestling and super heroes, hence the Superman inspired “G” logo for his battle.  While Grantley’s toughness and heart are in line with the fiercest Tauro players, his favorite food “chicken nuggets and French fries” is more in line with the Tauros radio broadcaster.

For Grantley, his best Tauro memory is the day he got to coach next to his favorite NHLer the Tauros’ Murray and he plans to do so again.  Grantley’s Aunt Dee Van Hove said “He loved dressing up in his suit and asked his dad what color he should wear this year when he coaches with Marty.”

Marty said the choice was easy to name Grantley captain, “I’ve had the chance to both play with and coach some tremendous competitors and leaders during my career in hockey. But meeting Grantley holds a special place in my heart. His smile and enthusiasm light up a room, and his grit and fight are impossible to duplicate. He’s a special young man that will forever be a big part of our Tauros family.”

If you would like to help #TeamGrantley in the fight please visit: https://www.gofundme.com/f/532erx-johnson-family?utm_medium=sms&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_na+share-sheet&rcid=45674b99030f401bae076f5ae419042d