Thank You Minot, Love Charchenko

Below is a letter from defenseman Nikolai Charchenko as he finishes his time as a Tauro.  Charckenko played for 3 head coaches, through all the covid uncertainty, and still leaves 4th all time with 155 games played and this year became just the 7th Tauro to play all 60 games in a season. He’s been dependable on the ice, wore a letter on his jersey, and been a two time Central Top Prospects player; he’s also been and an ambassador in the community representing the Tauros with kindness and class. 

After being a part of 4 different Tauro seasons, 155 regular season games, 7 playoff games and countless memories I made on and off the ice, my Minotauro career as come to a close. It has been an amazing experience to play for such a great organization and represent such an outstanding community. Minot truly has become my home the last 3 years and it will forever be a gigantic part of me. I just want to thank everyone who has been a part of my journey here.

To all the amazing teammates I’ve had. Thank you for always giving it your all and always being able to depend on each of you, you all have become my brothers and it’s been an honor to play with all of you.

To all the coaches I’ve had here, Coach Marty Murray, Coach Shane Wagner, Coach Wyatt Waselenchuk, Coach Darren Banks, and Coach Jake Howie. Thank you for teaching me not just how to become a better hockey player but a better person above all else. All of you hold a special place in my heart through all the memories I’ve created here. Specifically, I want to thank Coach Campbell. Thank you for stepping in at a time of the year that the team was one game away from starting the regular season. You came in not even knowing where Minot was but made it your home. Thank you for making my last year in Minot the best one yet!

To the fans and the booster club, thank you for the endless support through all the ups and downs through the years and never giving up on us. Minot is a special place to play due to all of you who make it such an amazing atmosphere to play in. The Tauros definitely have the best fans in the NAHL!

To the Trinity Sports and Medicine staff thank you! Especially Kevin Melby thank you! Kev you are the hidden gem in the NAHL and truly the most amazing and welcoming person I’ve ever met. You were the reason I was able to play so many games through all the injuries, bruises, and cuts and scrapes across my face. You spent tons of extra hours at the rink making sure everyone is healed and ready to play. So, Kev thank you!

To Mr. Porter “the bus driver”. You are the base to this organization and the reason why it drives each day. Your hard work and dedication to this team and city makes it easily the best place to play in all of junior hockey! Thank you for all the tips and quotes to remember such as no such thing as a free meal, straight ahead Fred, WWM, and much more. You make it not just a great place to play hockey but a great place to grow as a person!

Finally, to my amazing billet family. Jessie, Scott, Cass, Everett, and Brasen Boser. Thank you for making your home my home and welcoming me with open arms the first day I got to Minot! I cannot thank you all enough for inviting me into your family and letting me become one of your own. All the memories we created through the years I’ll cherish forever! The garlic parmesan before games, talking about the drama of the Bachelor, smoke in the kitchen before dinner, and being to look in the stands during games to see you guys cheering me on will be some of the things I’ll remember the most! You guys made it such a special place to live at every day and I was so lucky to have all of you! Boser family thank you for everything!

Minot will forever be a home and I’ll always be a part of the Magic City! Thank you to everyone who made my years here so special and the best 3+ years of my life. Truly nothing is better than a game night in the Magic City and it doesn’t get much better than that! I’ll forever be a Tauro!


Nikolai Charchenko #15