The Road Ahead

By: Ken Oda,

Minot, ND – While the destination has always been known, the Minotauros had been waiting for the path to become clear; that changed today as the North American Hockey League announced the 2015-16 schedule.  The goal, of course, is to win the Central Division and then the Robertson Cup, now the Tauros know that the regular season will begin and end in Brookings with many familiar obstacles in between.

With the NAHL Showcase being pushed back a week to the final weekend of September, the regular season will open with divisional games for the first time in franchise history.  The Tauros will head to Brookings to open the season with a pair of games September 18th and 19th.  Then the Tauros will head to the Showcase from September 23rd through the 26th for four games in as many days, against yet to be determined opponents.  As the calendar flips to October Tauros fans itching to see their team in person will have the chance to head down to Bismarck on October 3rd as the rivals will meet for the first time since the Tauros swept the Bobcats from last season’s playoffs. 

The Tauros finally get to play in front of their home fans when they host Brookings for a set on October 9th and 10th.  That is followed up with two more road weekends with trips to Austin and Cloquet to take on the Bruins and Wilderness in Minnesota.  The Wilderness are the only out of division team the Tauros will face aside from the Showcase.  October closes with the Bruins coming to Minot for a pair on Halloween weekend. 

Bismarck makes their first of six appearances at the Maysa on November 10th. The Wilderness come to the Maysa on November 20th and 21st to close out the Tauros out of division schedule for the season.  Aberdeen comes to the Maysa for the first time the night before Thanksgiving.  The Tauros close out November in Austin that weekend.

December is another road heavy stretch of the Tauros schedule with only three home games, all against the Bobcats on the 5th, 18th, and 30th.  The Tauros will face to new Central Division member the Minnesota Magicians in Minnesota on the 11th and 12th.  The month ends with the Tauros in Bismarck looking to spoil the Bobcats New Years Eve Party as they did last season.

The Magicians make their first appearance at the Maysa as division rivals on January 15th and 16th.  Then February 20th and 21st the Tauros will host Brookings in a rare Saturday/Sunday set. 

The Tauros finally reap the benefits of playing 11 of their first 15 games on the year away from the Maysa at the end of the schedule, when eight of the final 10 are at home.  Each of the other five Central Division teams will come through Minot in the final stretch of the season.  Aberdeen, Brookings, Bismarck, Minnesota, and Austin will each come to Minot between March 8th and April 2nd as the Tauros look to lock up playoff position. 

After a month of home games the Tauros will head back to where it all started with a pair of games in Brookings on the season’s final weekend April 8th and 9th. 

The Tauros full 2015-16 schedule is listed below.  Get season tickets and get a reserved seat in the Maysa along with an 18% savings compared to individual game prices.  For Tauros news throughout the summer follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or check back to

9/18     @ Brookings   7:30

9/19     @ Brookings   7:30

9/23     NAHL Showcase

9/24     NAHL Showcase

9/25     NAHL Showcase

9/26     NAHL Showcase

10/3     @ Bismarck    7:15

10/9     vs. Brookings  7:35

10/10   vs. Brookings  7:35

10/16   @ Austin         7:05

10/17   @ Austin         7:05

10/23   @ Wilderness  7:30

10/24   @ Wilderness  7:30

10/30   @ Austin         8:05

10/31   @ Austin         7:35

11/7     @ Aberdeen    7:15

11/10   Bismarck         7:05

11/13   @ Aberdeen    7:15

11/14   Aberdeen        7:35

11/20   Wilderness      7:35

11/21   Wilderness      7:35

11/25   Aberdeen        7:05

11/27   @ Austin         7:05

11/28   @ Austin         7:05

12/4     @ Bismarck    7:15

12/5     Bismarck         7:35

12/11   @ Magicians   7:15

12/12   @ Magicians   7:00

12/18   Bismarck         7:35

12/19   @ Aberdeen    7:15

12/30   Bismarck         7:05

12/31   @ Bismarck    7:15

1/2       Aberdeen        7:35

1/8       Bismarck         7:35

1/9       @ Bismarck    7:15

1/15     Magicians        7:35

1/16     Magicians        7:35

1/22     @ Magicians   7:15

1/23     @ Magicians   7:00

1/29     @ Aberdeen    7:15

1/30     @ Aberdeen    7:15

2/5       Aberdeen        7:35

2/6       Aberdeen        7:35

2/12     @ Bismarck    7:15

2/13     @ Aberdeen    7:15

2/20     Brookings        8:05

2/21     Brookings        3:00

2/26     @ Brookings   7:30

2/27     @ Brookings   7:30

3/4       @ Bismarck    7:15

3/8       Aberdeen        7:05

3/11     Brookings        7:35

3/12     Brookings        7:35

3/18     Magicians        7:35

3/19     Magicians        7:35

3/24     Bismarck         7:05

4/1       Austin             7:35

4/2       Austin             7:35

4/8       Brookings        7:30

4/9       Brookings        7:30