Tuesday Tribute: Martketplace Foods

Apr 21, 2020

Each Tuesday, the Minot Minotauros are going to recognize some of our local partners and other local companies as they look to lend a helping hand during the COVD-19 crisis. Today, the Tauros are recognizing Marketplace Foods. If you know of a business or organization that we should spotlight, please email the Tauros at contact@gotauros.com.

While Marketplace has cut their hours of operations from 8 AM till 8 PM, Zach Miller says it was done so with the intentions for the safety of their customers. To help keep high risk customers safe and to help first responders and medical personnel, Marketplace has reserved the first hour of operations to allow them to have an even safer opportunity to shop and get the items they need.

Miller added that if people feel more safe from the comfort of their own home, they can go to the Marketplace website and do their shopping online. Groceries can either be pickup up curb side or delivered to their place of residence. Curbside pick up is available Monday through Saturday, while delivery is only available Monday through Friday. While pick-up or delivery times were available before the COVID-19 crisis, additional times have been added at all Minot locations.

After each store closes, a professional company comes in and cleans and sanitizes. Marketplace employees also sanitize the grocery carts, hand baskets, and registers throughout the day. Protective dividers have also been placed at registers to keep both customers and employees safe.

There are four different Marketplace locations in Minot. They are located at 1930 S Broadway, 1620 S Broadway, 1600 2nd Ave SW in the Arrowhead Shopping Center, and 2211 16th St NW.